About Unwind



Unwind is a book of poems and paintings that balances the view of a seventeen-year old me, with the perspectives of many other people facing different issues globally. While it includes a discussion of personal issues like love, and affection, it also discusses deeper issues like slavery, gender-disparities, poverty, terrorism, prostitution, illiteracy, caste differences, racism and environmental damage.

Writing Unwind got me thinking about how these problems that affect vast populations actually get solved, and whether some of these could ever get solved. While several of these issues had attempted solutions through government policies and organization, many problems could be solved by providing the right social education and discussions that stemmed from reason rather than beliefs. I also noticed that lack of proper education and poverty were problems that revolved in vicious cycles and were extremely difficult to break into. Additionally, several of these problems had solutions that stemmed from these two sources – poverty and lack of proper formal and social education. Unwindblog.com discusses several of these issues and attempted solutions from my experiences, research and conversations with people who have either faced these issues or attempted solutions for the same.

Proceeds from the sale of Unwind go to NGO Pratham for the education of street children in Mumbai.

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– Shivani Janani

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