About Me

I am an undergraduate student at Babson College, pursuing a concentration in Strategic Management and Quantitative Methods, and a career in consulting. As an Honors student, I wrote my thesis on Sagrada Familia, analyzing whether architect Gaudi’s inspiration from nature was of a mathematical or aesthetic form. For this project, I performed a creative study of Gaudi’s work, by sculpting my own interpretation of his unique methods and designs. I am also interested in art, adventure and travel. I have been to almost 20 countries, and love learning about their culture, cuisines, people and environment.

I have always been interested in the social impact industry, especially education, be it through formal institutions like schools, or informal institutions like societal and cultural education. As the author and illustrator of Unwind, a book discussing several global issues I had experienced, read or researched about, I got the opportunity to understand the perspectives of people who faced these issues, including poverty, caste and gender discrimination and many more. Having seen several successful businesses that provide solutions to people’s everyday problems, I envision that businesses and organizations can solve these deeper issues mentioned in the book as well. Through classes and practical experiences at Babson College, I have had the opportunity to learn more about businesses solving consumer problems, as well as problems and challenges faced by these businesses. I hope that in my career as a consultant, I can hone my problem-solving skills and understand better how the relationship between businesses, stakeholders and beneficiaries can be improved, especially in the education sector.

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