My thoughts on “7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t”, an article explaining White Privilege

Link to article:

This article is written by a parent, who unlike other white, straight, Christian males in his
community, understands the concept of privilege. His experience of understanding privilege has
come from his son being black and his fears of what his son will have to face growing up in
America. The list of 7 things that this parent writes includes everything from being followed in a
store or being suspected for fraud in expensive purchases, succeeding in careers and college and
attributing that success to his race, learning about African history in school, losing temper in
traffic and immediately being associated with race, having cops called on when roaming in a
wealthy neighborhood, not being free to complain about racism and being accused of “playing
the race card” when doing so. He has written this list with examples of situations where all of the
above happened to black people, but he never had to face such situations. This article strongly
reminded me of my own experience being a female feminist, as I’m not taken seriously when I
talk about feminism, and my views are always seen as “clouded by emotions”. But my male
classmates discussing the same issues are viewed as legitimizing the fact that feminism is
needed. Although gender differences have their own sets of implications, the effects of racism in
America are very different, and in many situations, go unnoticed to people of privilege. This article shows how a white man needs to testify that racism exists and that its implications are quite heavy,for a crowd to actually listen to his comments in an unbiased way. Overall, this article is important for understanding the concept of white privilege for those who might not notice it on a daily basis.

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