Made By Survivors

Made By Survivors is a company focused on fighting human rights abuses, exploitation, trafficking and slavery through “employment, education and entrepreneurship”. After talking to Professor Goldberg from Babson College, I learnt how I could contribute to this cause of fighting human trafficking by being involved with an organization like Made By Survivors.  After reading a few impact stories of Made By Survivors, I learnt how employment could not empower them financially, but the creative vent and training that these women were provided could help free them emotionally. Without education and job-opportunities, it is often impossible to get out of the loop of slavery and exploitation. Women who were victims of sex trafficking became physically, mentally and financially independent through employment and training provided by this organization. Here is an impact story from Made By Survivors:

“Priyanka was born into extreme poverty in a Calcutta red light district.  She was raised in a brothel where she was exposed to constant danger and outcast by society.  Eventually, her mother sent her to a shelter to keep her from being trafficked and forced into prostitution. At age 18, Priyanka joined the Made By Survivors jewelry team.  She worked hard during the intensive year of training, becoming one of our most accomplished goldsmiths and designers. The training and the loving atmosphere of the jewelry center were healing for Priyanka and helped build up her damaged self-esteem. Priyanka takes pride in having several designs in our new Relevee Jewelry collection and in being one of the top producers and earners in her studio.  Her dream is to become a jewelry trainer so she can share this gift with other women in need. Priyanka is now ready to move out of the shelter and support herself independently.  She is also pulling her mom out of the red light district so they can both live in safety and dignity.” (

After graduation from Babson, as I plan to join this great cause on a voluntary basis, I look forward to helping this organization reach more areas, greater awareness and more victims.

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