She looked outside the window and wondered

Whether the town had been aging too

Her hair was not the only thing that had grayed.

And the sky was now no longer blue

With the smoke pouring out of the chimneys.

The world was washed with shades of black.

Black smoke, Gray roads and even grayer pavements,

Colors now the world lacked.


Where were the emerald leaves, the green trees?

Why was there no hum of bees?

And what about the butterflies,

Who painted the world with colors bright?

She missed the colors that lit up her life,

She missed the cool wind blowing,

The flowers blossoming, the plants growing

And she missed the stars showing;

Stars which were now invisible,

Hidden under the layers of smog


Tired, she walked back to her bed

And went to sleep with a blanket on her head

Before she slept, she made a wish

A wish to return to eternal bliss.

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