I wake up and look around me.                          

All I can see is the grey pavement,

The black garbage bag,

And black crows hovering around it;

The impressions of footpath tiles on my arm

My back stiff, my body sore

I scream in frustration, no sound is heard

My stomach rumbles.

I stagger till the garbage bag, shooing the crows away.

They had eaten my share of the left over.

Still hungry, I walked till the next house.

Looking for an unconsumed trash bag, I collapse.


I wake up and look around me,

A blurred white face appears.

A kick, a punch, the vibe of hatred,

A scolding for having trespassed his property.

Back onto the road, I stumble about.

Helpless, I eat the skin off my foot,

The moss off the rock and a wild mushroom

They stare at me, disgust on their faces,

Revulsion in their hearts, abuses in their speech,

Money in their pockets, they spit at me.

My stomach ran; I barfed.

Maybe my meal wasn’t fit for me.

With an empty stomach, a weak body,

I try to stay up; I collapse again.


I wake up and look around me,

Feeling different, light, weightless,

There was no more hunger, no more pain.

Confused, I look back again.

There lay my body, crumbled and lifeless,

The hurt and emotions disappeared.

I sighed in relief,

 Having escaped the hurt, the hunger, the poverty.

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